Safely Celebrate Mom with These Mother's Day Ideas

All mothers – biological, godmothers, grandmothers, adoptive mothers, foster moms, stepmothers, dog and cat moms, or any mother figure in your life – deserve to be celebrated every day throughout the year. There is, however, one day specifically devoted to them: Mother’s Day.

While many people think that Mother’s Day is meant to celebrate only biological mothers, our team throughout each of our long-term care communities in Colorado and Missouri believes that all mothers deserve to be uplifted. Even though your traditions for this special day may look different this year, Vivage is sharing Mother’s Day ideas that will help you celebrate the mother figure in your life in a safe and memorable way.

The True Definition of a Mother

A mother comes in all shapes and sizes. Whether she was there the moment you were born or came into the picture later down the road, she has made an impact on your life.

She is the woman who cares for you and has supported you in good times and bad. A mother is the person who offered her advice (whether you wanted to hear it or not) and was there for you when you did not listen to it. 

A mother is the person who shows you unconditional love and support every single day, no matter what may be going on in her life. She is the true definition of a real-life superhero.

Honor Your Traditions with These Mother’s Day Ideas

Send a Special Surprise

If visiting the mother figure in your life is not an option this year, you can still show her you are thinking about her by having a surprise sent to her. 

If you traditionally bring flowers to your mom on Mother’s Day, have them delivered to her instead. This way, you keep up your flowery tradition while adhering to safety regulations and guidelines. 

If you are worried that this alternative is not as personal as delivering them yourself, there is a solution. Flower shops allow you to handpick your flower choices to create the perfect bouquet for the mother figure in your life. Additionally, most offer the chance to fill out a personalized card to accompany the bouquet. Just because you cannot be there in person does not mean that you cannot find ways to show Mom you care!

An even more personal Mother’s Day idea is to create a keepsake box full of memories. Gather pictures, handwritten cards, and other sentimental items that you have collected over the years and compile them into a box. This is a great way to show the mother figure in your life that you care for and appreciate her. When she opens the package, she will be reminded of all the special times you have shared together.

Spend Quality Time Together in a Safer Way

If you cannot visit your mother in person, spend quality time together virtually. Applications such as FaceTime, Zoom, and Skype offer a free and easy way for people to see one another when they cannot physically be in the same room. 

Whether you and your mom spend quality time together alone or you host a virtual party with friends and other family members, this is a safe way to celebrate her. If you have a friend who is a fellow dog or cat mom, set up a virtual video call with them and invite your fur babies to the party!

Just because the circumstances of this Mother’s Day may be different than they were in the past does not mean that you cannot celebrate. Finding creative ways to keep up your traditions or starting even new ones is always possible.

Showing your mother that you appreciate everything she does for you and your family is important on more than just Mother’s Day. Make mom feel special and celebrate her throughout the year but we encourage you to make the day dedicated to her even more special.

At Vivage, we work hard to make each individual that stays with us feel important and appreciated. Contact one of our long-term care communities in Colorado and Missouri or visit our website to learn more about our approach to care.

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