3 Benefits of Post-Hospitalization Rehab & Therapy at Vivage

When recovering from an injury, illness, or surgery, it is vital to find the right care for your individual needs. Even though this may seem obvious, many care plans are generalized and treat the condition, not the person.

The problem with this approach is that while the diagnosis may be the same or similar, each person experiences health issues differently. For you to heal and achieve an optimum level of wellness, you need to find care that is tailored to you and your needs.

Vivage offers short-term rehabilitation, skilled nursing care for short or long-term stays, and other care services throughout Colorado and Missouri. We care for the whole person. While we categorize the levels of care we provide, our dedicated team members work with each individual to create a personalized plan for recovery. 

We believe that therapy and post-hospitalization rehabilitation services provide essential benefits that help individuals recover and take back control over their lives. Our passion for helping individuals recover is why we are sharing three benefits of these services.

Jumpstart Your Recovery

When you refrain from participating in your regular activities, it can be more challenging to get back into your routine. The longer you wait, the higher the risk of your muscles further weakening. In addition, if you decide to tackle the recovery process on your own, you can risk an injury occurring or recurring.

Therapy and post-hospitalization care services can begin as soon as possible after an injury or illness, allowing you to get back to your everyday life sooner with a minimized risk of further physical decline.

The quicker you start your recovery journey, the faster you will get back to your regular routine. Therapy and post-hospitalization services enable individuals to begin the healing and recovery process as quickly and safely as possible following an injury or illness.

Personalized and Specialized Care

Each Vivage community is dedicated to helping individuals return home as quickly and as safely as possible. Our therapy disciplines help each individual identify goals and desired outcomes. Therapy and post-hospitalization rehabilitation services at Vivage provide patients with an environment designed specifically to ensure a safe, efficient recovery. 

Private suites, nutrition-specific dining options, medical physicians, and nurses are available to promote improved health and wellness. Whether you need pre-surgery wellness preparation or skilled nursing care and therapies following a surgery, our team offers the highest level of quality and service to return you to optimal health.

While services and amenities vary by location, our therapy and post-hospitalization rehabilitation services can include:

  • Private suites with Wi-Fi, television, in-room refrigerators, and plenty of space for guests and visitors
  • Dining options with menu choices focused on healthy nutrition that supports your recovery
  • Nationally recognized therapy services, including physical, occupational, and speech therapies
  • An immediate focus on coordinating your care transitions and readiness for discharge and in-home service needs
  • Well-equipped therapy gyms and data tracking to record your progress

Monitor Your Condition and Progress 

If you choose to tackle the recovery process on your own, it can be difficult to monitor your condition and track your progress. Additionally, because you may be at a higher risk of developing other conditions or complications, it is important to have immediate access to specially trained caregivers if something were to happen. These experts can alter your care plan to help you heal.

Utilizing therapy and post-hospitalization rehabilitation services allows you to focus solely on healing while your team monitors your condition and progress. At Vivage, we use data tracking technology that records your progress through each step of the recovery journey. To further help you get back to your routine and promote a continuum of care, we proudly offer outpatient therapy in addition to home health services. 

Our transition specialists work diligently to ensure that each individual’s needs are met during every step of the recovery process. This communication continues following discharge to monitor progress and ensure recovery success after leaving one of our communities and returning home.

To learn more about post-hospitalization rehabilitation and skilled nursing care at our communities in Colorado and Missouri, we invite you to contact a member of our team or visit our website.


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