A Message to the Vivage Family

Dear Vivage Family, As we enter 2022, it is valuable to look back upon the past year.

We came into 2021 with a great sense of hope and optimism. We hoped that the new vaccine, made available to the residents and staff, would restore us to “normalcy.” Unfortunately, Delta and Omicron have now surged and we feel as though we are back in 2020 again, even with the boosters and all of the precautions.

COVID-19 has changed our lives forever. For some, coming back to work was no longer an option. This contributed to skepticism and labor shortages. Staffing became an absolute nightmare. Throughout this extremely challenging time, you have all persevered. You have helped your staff through vaccine clinics, education and have been by their side, inspiring them through moments of despair and exhaustion.

You are each other's mentors, who offer encouragement and motivation, which is critical in caring for our residents. We are inspired by you and wish to acknowledge and thank you for your tenacity.

While the future oftentimes seems uncertain, we are committed to continuing to forge forward to meet the needs of all of our residents and employees with love and compassion.

It is our hope and prayer that 2022 brings Health & Healing and Peace & Love to our world. Best wishes for a blessed New Year!

Jay Moskowitz, President & CEO, & John Brammeier, CPA & CFO


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